What is this?

What is this?

Board Games School is a simple resource for teachers who wish to use modern/designer board games in their classroom. Taking the form of a blog, I will post articles and reviews that cover a range of educational topics. My primary field of knowledge is the Elementary age-group, but much of the advice presented here can be applied to older grades.

My goal is to make a case for games to be used more widely in class as a learning activity beyond the interactive whiteboard and “capital-E Educational” board games. I will use my own experience, as well as academic resources and analytical data, to justify the expense of using these games. There is a significant investment in both money and time required to see the benefit of incorporating this style of teaching into your repertoire – but I believe it is truly worthwhile.

Besides being a resource for educators, I also plan to include information that is relevant to parents and other professionals involved in extracurricular care. Many activities I will cover can really shine in a smaller group, although plenty can be applied to even whole class sessions with a bit of an adjustment.

So, find something on the menu to the right that you are interested in and follow me down the rabbit hole!

J. Clark